Love and sex in a women’s life பெண்ணின் திருமண வாழ்க்கை !

Love and sex in a women’s life

பெண்ணின் திருமண வாழ்க்கை !


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Sex life

  1. Married since 2 years. Never had good sex.
  2. Never talked about it with husband.
  3. Not getting pregnant. Irregular menstrual periods.
  4. Fear of husband’s health, of his alcohol habit.

Treatment given

  1. Counselling about sexual techniques for the female.
  2. Hypnotherapy for male and female.
  3. Sexual improvement treatment for male.
  4. Pranic healing for female infertility.


  1. Couple happy about the sexual life and intimacy.
  2. Feel happy and free to talk about sexual needs and sharing of love feelings.
  3. Man stopped alcohol since he became confident of his sexual fitness and gained awareness and courage in sexual life.
  4. Female started to have regular periods and ovulation.
  5. Got pregnant on the 4th month of treatment.

Treatment duration

6 months for male.

4 months for female.


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