Treatment details for sexual problems

Treatment details

Romance penis booster

Herbal capsule

Penis stimulator therapy

1) Topical medicine to be applied on the glans to improve the blood supply of the penis-5-10 drops twice a day and kept for 3 hours and then washed off. This will improve the blood flow to the corpora tissues in 6 months. There by erection quality and organ size starts improving in 3-6 months.

2) The corpora tissues are rejuvenated by oral herbal supplements.

3) Pranic Healing crystals are programmed and given to the candidate so as to enhance the healing mechanism. This makes the treatment complete and wholesome by making the life energy system healthy.

4) The candidate is given a basic knowledge of his sexuality, penis anatomy, functioning, physiology and masturbation facts and myths .This makes one’s life informed and he becomes knowledgeable so his future is not for anxiety in sexual field.

5) Step by step instruction given and easy to follow exercises and workouts to make you a healthy and handsome male.

Your friends will find that you are changing for better life and health in 30 -50 days time. It’s your personality development miracle.

6) Do you know that fast ejaculation is not easily curable?

But in our clinic we give you easy and fast results by improving the sexual time.

It’s done by modern techniques with quality instruments which will make you add new memories in your brain and it’s your’s even after stopping treatment-Steps researched on 3,00,000 patients in the past 11 years.

7)poor semen count and poor motility?

8)Hypnotherapy to help mind health and faster recovery.

Don’t worry.


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