Sexology & energy field therapy

Sexology & energy field therapy

Sexual weakness in men

Sexology & energy field therapy

This energy field can be detected by the kirlian camera which captures the photon emission from the fingertips after applying a very low stimulation. This is called GDV camera and the software calculates the energy level in each organ and systems. The energy level in processed and the result is tabulated by different soft wares.

1. Energy field analysis

In energy field analysis the total body analysis is given as an aura around the human form. The emotional and physiological energy field is given separately. The energy levels in different organs are labelled in aura itself. The colour uniformity, homogenous quality of the energy field helps us to study the quality of the energy in a particular organ system.

2. Atlas

Atlas: the program named atlas give the maps of the organs which is having change in the energy level in a particular system. It might be low or high and the normal level. We can analyse the emotional and physical energy pattern using this atlas.

3. Diagram

Diagram: The organ energy field is marked around a circle showing different layers as how, normal, high normal and high. This is also given for emotional and physiological fields. This helps us to know how much our energy pattern is deviating from normal and also helps us to compare the improvement we get with the healing we resort to. The deviation from normalcy can be easily rectified with Pranic Healing.

The tabulations are visible in the diagrams as we can feed the periodic captures in the same subject file name under different dates. The effect of the healing and treatment method on our body can be detected with GDV aura camera and software.

4. Screening

Screening: this program helps as to study individual organs and systems in detail. For example-the pancreas energy level can be studied regarding its energy quality and activation co efficient .The homogenous energy output from the pancreas is disturbed in a diabetic patient. The effect of the medicine and therapy systems on the pancreas can be recorded after a period of one month and 3 months –By this testing we can be sure of the effect of the treatment on the targeted organ.

5. chakra analysis.

The kirlian research system maps out the chakra quality. It gives us the size of the chakra and the quality as its deviation from its normalcy. This is named virtual chakra analysis. The correlation of the physical findings, patient’s emotional perception. The consulting doctor or the therapist’s findings are so surprising that the patient starts believing and depending on this technology for his future preventive health care.

So we are proud to tell you that our Bagya health center is a place one rarely find with all branches of health care like allopathic,herbal,yogic,acupuncture,pranic healing under one roof. We are here to help you and heal you. We let you understand the origin of a sexual dysfunction and let you learn the prevention for the future.


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