Erogenous areas of men

Erogenous areas of men

Do you think men have only one erogenous zone?

False! Here are areas of the body at which most men have receptors for pleasure !

1. Testicles

The skin of the testicles has a composition similar to that of the mucous membranes. Thus, it can protect the testes and to keep their temperature scolder than the rest of the body. The skin is covered with receptors so sensitive, named Krause’s corpuscles, sensitive to cold and pleasure.

2. Buttocks

Buttocks contain important nerve endings. They can be stimulated by gentle pinch or biting.

3. Pubis

Pubis is a bone covered with a layer of fat, which reduces the pressure during intercourse. It contains many nerve receptors, which can be stimulated by hand.

4. Neck

The skin of the neck is smooth and free of fat, which amplifies the sensations produced by caressing. Neck is the area from where the nerves go to the sexual areas.

5. Inside thigh

Skin is smoother on the thigh than on the legs. Stimulate it starting above the knee.

6. Ears

The ears are lined with hypersensitive neurological cells . They can be stimulated by hand, fingers, especially with the lips and thong.

7. Nipples

Nipples (nipple + the colored area that surrounds them) are endowed with nerve endings. They are found in greater number at females. Warning: not all men appreciate stimulating this area: better ask!

8. Creases of elbows, knees

The skin is soft and directly stimulates the sensory receptors located in the dermis. Moreover, the folds are generally spared areas of friction and bruising, which typically are not stimulated, which makes them more sensitive.

9. Perineum

Male perineum is located between the penis and anus. This is a hypersensitive area, that hides the man’s G spot. This point indirectly stimulates the prostate, a walnut-sized gland that contracts during ejaculation and gives pleasure.

10. Glans and it’s crown

Glans, which is found in the tip of the penis, is surrounded by a ring called the crown. Both are the most sensitive areas of the penis. They are mucous tissue that is infinitely more sensitive than the skin. Caressing the seareas should be wet, lubricated, not to be painful.


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