Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Corpora Tissue

Nervous system

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is
the inability to maintain erection of the penis throughout the sexual act.

The different types of
erectile dysfunction are:

1. Difficulty in
initiating the erection2. Difficulty in
maintaining the erection3. Soft and flaccid penis
which makes it difficult to penetrate inside the vagina4. Partial penetration of
the penis5. Difficulty in giving
strokes6. The penis becomes
smaller inside the vagina making it loose for bothe male and
female.7. Sex is not
pleasurable8. Inability to
ejaculate9. Ejaculatory pleasure
is reduced10. Delayed ejaculation
but reduced pleasure11. Reduction in the size
of the penis with erection

Nervous system in sexual
performance.When a man is stimulated sexually the arousal feeling stimulate the
brain,endocrine glands,corpora tissue ,testicular glands and the Corpora
spongiosa and corpora cavernosa which get engorged with blood to produce the
strong erection of penis .


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