Eye,thyroid disease-hypnotherapy

Eye,thyroid disease
Posted By :-Gomatthi.
M.B.B.S. on Hypnotherapy

Posted At :- 28 September 2011 Hypnotherapy helps lady aged 72
years.Mother in law`s earth bound energy found in the eyes which were pushed out
sied the socket.The eyes sadly looking at the client when she went in to the
healing room.Therapy done.
Hypnotherapy and spirit release therapy.
Client- 72 year old female.
· Physical suffering with knee pain,
· Throat dry and choking,
· Unhappy relationship with husband who is 80 years old.
Hypnotherapy procedure
She got hypnotized for the first time. Within 5 minutes she went in to here
healing room to find her own eyes sadly and nervously looking at her and moving
in all directions she was looking at. On guidance she found that her eyeball
socket was filled a dark energy .The energy brought out and found to be her
mother in law who died 20 years back. Relationship with mother in law was not
healthy when she was alive and the memory took her back to the day she died .The
client found that the energy of the mother in law was causing all the problems
like eye disorders, leg pain, throat choking, husband always influenced by the
mothers energy to scold her –the wife-as it was happening when she was alive.
Her eyes replaced in its position after energy cleaning. Mother in law sent in
to white light.
The client felt much relieved after the therapy since she had an inner voice
telling that she had some bad energy from her mother in law even before she was
dead. She remembered of the black magic work done by her mother in law when they
lived together.
· Client developed rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism after marriage
which was the result of the inability to talk and work as per her wishes. She
was feeling imprisoned in side her body and developed all the above symptoms as
a consequence.
· After her mother in laws death she was thinking of those days when she was
harassed by her mother in law and sent out of home informed not to come to see
her again. But the client was taking care of the mother in law in the last days
and she was weak and had the energy of the mother in law even from the past
which attracted her to come in easily.
· The client got back the energy she parted and the eyes looked bright and
healthy after the therapy.
thyroid /neck problem
Lady of 35 years.
Hypothyroid since 15 years.
Obesity and hoarse voice.
Came with marital discord.Husband in crisis of non sexual life and- in law
Hypnotherapy done and Spirit of grand father found in the head and a middle
aged lady who died -run over by train -suicide-entered her when she was in an
ENT clinic.When she was 17 years old.Spirit release done and lady felt the
relief in throat and understood the reason for her suffering.


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