>Sri Guru Agasthya !


Sri Guru Agasthya talking to you!

I am talking to my devotees who are really in need of divine guidance.

I want to inform you about the guidelines to be followed during divine channeling.

1. The person has to have strong beliefs about divine guidance.

2. The person should be devotional to his guru or his family deity/devatha
to communicate with them through the channel.

3. They should not try to test the authenticity of the divine service,
having doubt about the higher soul with whom they want to
communicate by asking mocking/ criticizing questions.

4. They should not ask too many questions regarding
different life issues which will confuse the divine guide
and the person from the beginning. Let them have clear
idea and one or two subjects to be selected before starting the session.

5. The divine soul/guide/devatha cannot precisely tell the
time or mode of materialization an incident. They can advise you of the path one can take
to reach the success.
The success solely depends on the application of instructions
given by the guide to the devotee.
Do not ask controversial or arguing questions
to the communicating divine
guide. They are communicating with fine vibrations of magnetic energy.
This might get disturbed because of the above said interactions.

6. Understand that the link developed with the divine guru/guide is
strengthened by strong devotion, gratitude and reverence to God and the selected guru.

7. Limit your self and be contented with the advice and counseling
given by the guide.

You have to be aware that you are not talking with
the person in the
physical world with a physical body.

We are always happy to communicate with you and guide you,
help you in your hard times.

Be devotional and grateful to God
and be a part of the
God’s kingdom.



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