>Guru Babaji !


My beloved devotees and disciples,
I am happy to be writing to you in this page.

Life is a workshop where everyone practices the
he learned in this birth and
the subject taught to him by his guru.

Guru is the divine master coming in physical body to feed you
with the spiritual food which you
can digest in this stage of spiritual development.

The guru you are following knows what
you can assimilate since he is guarding and guiding you throughout
your travel in the past incarnations.

Though all the religions and spiritual systems reach one God you
not be helped by all in this birth.
You already have a guru/family
who is close to you at heart .

Keep your eyes and heart open to accept him still
more closely so as to help him help you.

Always do not spend your time in the physical world related activities and goals.

Allot some time to practice spiritual sadanas and meditation.
This will keep the fire of spirituality lively in your soul.

Our Indian culture is the best soil for the spiritual growth.

Manage your time and search for activities which we help you to ascend spiritually.

We are all guiding you in your life when you tune your life to the spiritual path.

Money and fame comes as a package when a person ascends spiritually.

God bless you !



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  1. Balagopal (BG)
    May 08, 2011 @ 01:04:59

    >I have just finished reading about the great Avatar Babaji in the autobiography of Sri.M. How lucky are those who had the fortune to receive darshan and Blessings from Babaji. Balagopal, trichur, Kerala


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