>I am Shiridi Saibaba.


I am Shiridi Saibaba.
I am happy to communicate with you all to day.
The spiritual gurus who are worshiped by millions of
human beings try to help you all by showering our blessings on you.
But when the devotee is not one pointed in
devotion to the favorite guru and deviates in his
beliefs by adopting different practices the guru is also finding it
difficult to help the person in need.
It is like getting into the bus which goes to a distant
place and in disbelief getting down in the next stop
to catch a different bus. The devotee spends his energy and
time in changing to different practices and beliefs.
By this method the devotee is not able to draw in the
divine energy channeled by the guru since the emotional
and spiritual connection between the guru and the
disciple becomes the by the distractions.
So I bless my devotees to follow the selected
guru so as to make use of the time in developing love and devotion
to the guru in a short time. Let me shower the immense
love and blessings to all of my disciples and devotees.
Daily spend at least 20 minutes to practice chanting the mantra of the guru
and doing meditation and yogic practices.

Always be thankful to God for giving you the precious life and the
facilities you are enjoying in this incarnation. The gratitude attracts more
spiritual and material abundance and prosperity.
Send waves of love, happiness and sharing to attract more divine energy.
Be the children of God and divert your mind in divine path.
We are always guiding you to ascend to pleasing heights.
I bless you all my children.

Shiridi Saibaba.


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