>I am your guru Sri Ragavendra swamy of Mantralaya


Atma Namaste

I am your guru Sri Ragavendra swamy of Mantralaya-Andhra Pradesh.

I am interested to talk with you my disciple and devotee.

I am happy to be communicating with you
through this website and through this channel.

Every one is destined to have problems in the business,
family and personal life.

It is because of the karma one
has accumulated in the past lives and in the present
life just before this time.

As the Shepherd direct his

sheep in the proper route the reach the destination
with the help of the stick God is guiding you with the help
of the guardians like us who are called the gurus.

In each incarnation you are guided by a
suitable master and in this incarnation you have
come under my head.

I am going to guide you in
this lifetime to go to the proper destination.

God realization and spiritual orientation are the

truthful life achievement for every living soul.

Before one realizes the true path he is

diverted and attracted towards attracting life missions.
It is our mission to take care of you and guide you to the God’s kingdom.

In Shri Rama’s divine service.

Your guru Sri Ragavendra swamy of Mantralaya.

Dr.Gomatthi M.B.,B.S.,
P.G.Dip in Yoga and naturopathy.,
M.CSEPI (Member of council of sex education and parenthood Inernational),
Arhatic Yogi,
Advanced Pranic healer,
Pranic psychotherapist,
Dip in Acupuncture.,

Certified Adolescent Health Counsellor.

22, Alagesan Road,
Near Suzuki show room-Maverck Gym(Mettupalayam road),
Saibaba Mission Post,
Coimbatore – 641 011.
Tamil Nadu – India
Phone: +91-422 – 2449934,
0422- 4385110





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