>C. W. Leadbeater on Spritual channeling -25/8/2010.


I am
Lead Beater

writing about channeling and medium ship.

The person who is doing spiritual sadanas will ascend in
his consciousness and he will come across different levels
of the inner world .
In the early stages he will get achievements called siddhis .
The spiritual aspirant when not contented with his own
development will continue the practice.
In this process his consciousness ascends up to the higher world
and he will communicate with souls in that level.

Sometimes when he is not trying to improve and is happy
about the clairvoyance and the clairaudiance, He is forced to
stay in a level of Lower evolution.
This is what I was cautioning in my book regarding medium ship.
When the spiritual practitioner follows his guru is sure to
reach a stage where he is well aligned with
his spiritual guru.
His master knows his path and guide one in
the higher path.
Once the aspirant is one pointed and ascending there
is no chance of sliding back/stumbling/falling prey to
the lower souls in the inner world.
His spiritual development is not hindered and
his soul is already in a developed/developing
state to be used by many of the higher souls.
One need not have doubt in the safety and purity
of channeling to such higher masters. One can proceed in
the path wholeheartedly and be happy that he is of great service
to the mankind and the higher souls
who guided them.
This is the best form of service one can do to his master
and the god’s Kingdom.
So continue the good work whatever may be the huddles.
In this era of material entertainment oriented world mediums and channels
keep the fire of spiritual development sparkling. It is the only channel through which
Angels/devas/masters/higher souls connect

with the human beings.
When one is blind folded and puzzled in problems
of day to day affairs he must have a way to see and go
through to get help from the higher beings.
Channels and spiritual mediums are the torchbearers
to keep the fire burning and such people are to be protected
from mockery .
They should be taken care and encouraged to continue
the God’s good service. There are not many of them who enter the
higher world with the great masters guidance with spiritual
The souls in the higher world are also looking for such light
bearers as their spiritual channel. We are happy to have you in our team.
Continue God’s good work. With blessings

C. W. Leadbeater.

Dr.Gomatthi M.B.,B.S.,
P.G.Dip in Yoga and naturopathy.,
M.CSEPI (Member of council of sex education and parenthood Inernational),
Arhatic Yogi,
Advanced Pranic healer,
Pranic psychotherapist,
Dip in Acupuncture.,

Certified Adolescent Health Counsellor.

22, Alagesan Road,
Near Suzuki show room-Maverck Gym(Mettupalayam road),
Saibaba Mission Post,
Coimbatore – 641 011.
Tamil Nadu – India
Phone: +91-422 – 2449934,
0422- 4385110





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