>20/08/2010-I am Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.



Atma Namaste ! I am Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.
I am writing this through my channel and disciple who is channeling to me and to many spiritual gurus like Sri Ragavendra swamy of Mantralaya-Andhra Pradesh, Sri Vijaayendara Swamy of Kumbakonam -Paramartha guru of sri Ragavendra swamy, Shirdi Saibaba, Sri guru Agasthya, Earline Robert Chaney of Astara. http://www.astara.org and many gurus from the higher world. . I am happy that many people come into Pranic Healing in the present years . As Lord Buddha told many people are evolving into spirituality in the recent years and they need spiritual guides to take them through proper road. The spiritual path is one which is always not easy to travel. The reason being the ways are kept secret by the spiritual guides. After the advent of the Internet and media the availability of the sources-guides- to help people in spirituality are increased and it is a good sign that the world is experiencing the good part of the history. People are attracted to spirituality for want of knowledge, wisdom, name and fame, money and recognition in the society. Few of them enter spirituality for the spiritual development and after a long search for mental peace.

Spirituality is partly a fancy and name giving, identity oriented and it is followed as a religion and sometimes like a political party. People should keep their eyes open before selecting a line of spirituality and the spiritual guide.

Spiritual gurus who are selfless and empathetic who treat their disciples with loving kindness are also found among the lot. It is the responsibility of the student to search for a suitable guru.

I taught the art of Pranic healing with the techniques to discriminate and discern the quality of a person going to be chosen as a guru. This is done by analyzing the virtues of the spiritual person. One can learn basic Pranic healing, advanced Pranic healing and Pranic psychotherapy to become an expert in healing physical body and enter spirituality with the advanced spiritual courses designed for this purpose. I am happy to talk with all of you. This is the first communication I am doing channeling after I left my physical body in the year 2007.

Atma namaste!

Keep track of my words and find my energy flowing through your spiritual cord. Let your guru lead you in the dark jungle of Amazon of spirituality. Thank you for selecting me as your way shower .

Atma namaste!



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