>About medical education admission system in India


Honorable Minister Sibal,Shri Kapil,

Ministry of HRD ,


Respected Sir,

I am an Adolescent health counselor.

I am the mother of 2 school children –one in 10th and other in 7th.

It’s a welcoming option of abolishing 10th std board exam which is boldly announced in India for the first time.
Our education system needs reforms since the population is high and the potential of our Indian students are also high.
Our Indian brain capacity, working quality, ability to cope with other people and educational quality makes us to enter any country and survive.
Our kids of this time are put under great pressure for the population eligible for examination entry is enormous and the need to win the race is great.

The parents are also struggling hard to keep their children in the race and make them a winner.

The engineering education system is well updated and the number of seats increased as per the population need. The children find it easy to enter the engineering colleges since its more in numbers.

I am writing this letter to share with you the need for improvement in medical education system.

If we see the Daily papers there are at least 2 advertisements by centers inviting for “Study MBBS in Russia, China, “

The charges are not less than 4 lakhs per year. I find there are many parents who send their children getting loan from bank and with great difficulty by lending money from private lenders pledging their life.

The population of India is going high and we need more doctors proportionally.

The medical seats are like brides who can be threatened and tortured for dowry in the marriage market.

  1. Why nothing is done all these years to change this selection system?
  2. Are our politicians unaware of these malpractices going on in our educational system?
  3. Why the numbers of medical seats are not increased over years according to the population hike and the eligible student’s number?
  4. Why the government is keeping its eyes closed to the hijacking of our students to different countries with the attraction of good degrees like MBBS, MD etc.
  5. The master degree candidate is paying in lackhs to obtain the seat in India while the foreign countries give MD as a starting degree for comparatively lesser money for which our students are attracted. The qualification is ignored for the sake of money value.
  6. Why not our country opens more scope for medical education so that we will have more doctors to take care of our growing India?
  7. Open more colleges and make more seats available and the parents are willing to pay the expenses for the education of their children instead of sending them to far off countries .They pay more money to see their children to be educated scholars and why not we have them here in our mother land. Let they spend the money here in India and earn a degree working with our people and develop expertise with our disease pattern instead of coming from foreign countries learning that countries needs.
  8. The money spent on these students is made worthy when we have them as Indian doctors trained in India. We don’t want our children to come back as foreigners to our India without knowing our disease pattern.
  9. Let the politicians, middle man and college administration staffs leave the good children of India to learn what they want with free will and ambition so that the future India becomes a learned country and not bribed by the greedy intruders.
  10. Money is nice when earned but not by selling the worthiness of our precious India.
  11. Let us all work to improve the quality of India!

Thank you for the constructive 100 days projects taken by the new independent government.


Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S.,
M.CSEPI (Member of council of sex education and parenthood International),
Acupuncture therapy center,
Certified Adolescent Health Counselor,
Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist.
BAGYA SEXOLOGY CENTER,Hypnotherapy center,
22, Alagesan Road,
Saibaba Mission Post,
Coimbatore – 641 011.
Tamil Nadu – India
Phone: +91-422 – 2449934,
0422- 4385110


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